Niels Otto Møller 1920-1982 


Niels Otto Møller is one of the most influential furniture craftsmen of his time.

His lifetime achievements are impressive and contributed to a continued production of high quality, timeless, danish produced dining chairs for decades since his passing. Educated as a cabinetmaker, Niels Otto had not only an eye for design, he was also a talented manufacturer and a frontrunner in his field in regards to modernizing and streamlining furniture production.

He built his own factory right outside his hometown of Aarhus, Denmark and over a forty-year period, designed and manufactured his own collection of dining room furniture. Talented in all aspects of wood furniture design, his chairs are what he became known for. His collection has received international recognition and high accolades both during his lifetime and after his passing. To this day, production of the Møller chairs is still entirely carried out at this factory.

Niels Otto Møller's stubborness in upholding exceptional craftsmanship and his brilliant execution of beautiful timeless chair design is the reasoning behind the J.L. Møllers Møbelfabrik distinguished reputation and a leading exponent of Danish furniture's indisputable success all over the world.